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Soaking Instructions

Dr. Latika Hinduja
3578 Brodhead Rd. Monaca Pa 15061
Phone: 724.775.6168, FAX: 724.775.2633

Soak Instructions

Soak Instructions

  1. Soak twice daily, 15 minutes each.

    Soak in 2 quarts of lukewarm water (102°F to 110°F, no warmer to prevent burning )and 2 tablespoons of Epsoms Salts. You may also use white vinegar or liquid antibacterial hand soap. Ensure to clean out the container after each use.

  2. A bath or shower can be substituted for one of the soaks.

  3. After soaking, thoroughly dry with a clean towel, paying close attention to in between the toes.
  4. Apply topical medications (Neosporin cream / ointment, Silvadene cream or ) then cover with a light dressing of gauze and tape or a Band-Aid. As instructed by Dr. Hinduja.

  5. Continue soaking instructions until your next appointment. Reachout to the office with any concerns or issues such as:

    • Increased redness
    • Increased pain
    • Drainage that is yellow or green in color
    • Increased swelling
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